Girls Emerge

Attitudes – They’re a Dangerous Thing

Posted on: March 13, 2012

The power and potential of women is incredible – the two highest recorded IQs in history were those of women; women have the impeccable ability to carry and create life. Yet in countless areas around the world, and even locally in our perceived as “free” nation of Canada, women remain an oppressed minority, owning only 1% of the world’s land and making up 80% of the victims of wars and disasters around the world (along with children). Based on the intelligence and strength they all inherently posses, it is not women that are victimizing themselves – it is the attitudes towards them that are suppressing women from achieving their full potential.

Attitudes that label women as homemakers, domestic assistants and simply vessels by which to produce offspring must be changed. Preconceptions that exist about women being the inferior gender must be shattered. Violence and abuse towards women must be halted and eliminated forever.

While we maintain our focus on developing areas of the world, where women are regularly oppressed and given the most minimal of human rights, we must also remember that a glass ceiling very much exists in our own backyard. By the age of 55, 95% of women are married; only 5% of major Hollywood blockbusters are directed by women. Attitudes and preconceptions must change in order for forthcoming generations of females to realize that their opportunities to make change and achieve huge milestones are not limited by their gender. There is practically nothing that a man can achieve, professionally, that a woman cannot do.

We must remember when striving to change attitudes abroad that many of these same changes must be made in our own nations, and our own lives, as well.


How are you helping attitudes towards women change? Do you ever inadvertently find yourself participating in negative stereotypes against women?


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